Our specialists advise and represent clients in all aspects of trademark law as well as copyright law. This includes assistance with obtaining trademark rights and the registration of national or European trademarks, as well as the enforcement of claims resulting from registered trademark rights. Even though applying for the registration of trademark rights may often be the safest approach, trademark rights can often come into existence even if they have not been registered yet. Such cases include, for example, certain non-registered trademark rights which are acknowledged under the German Trademark Act (Markengesetz) as well as business designations, which will not be entered into an official register even if the registration is applied for. Similarly, there will often be name or company rights in addition to the protection of the trademark right and in some cases such rights can even replace the trademark rights. Our activities include in particular:

  • Registration of national trademarks
  • Registration of community trademarks (= European trademarks)
  • International registration of trademarks with WIPO / OMPI
  • Monitoring of trademarks
  • Out-of-court and judicial enforcement of claims resulting from trademark rights
  • Defence against trademark claims
  • Drafting and review of licensing agreements

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