In addition to our longstanding expertise regarding the business laws of the Middle East, we also advise our clients on all other aspects of international law. As globalization affects the legal regimes of most jurisdictions worldwide, there are hardly any economic activities which do not involve international or at least cross-border problems. Each delivery to another European country, for instance, or the secondment of employees overseas requires thorough legal preparation in order to avoid risks and in order not to compromise the desired goals. We therefore advise our internationally oriented clients on the following areas:

  • International Trade Law and the CISG
  • Laws of the European Union
  • International commercial agency and distribution agreements
  • International contracts in general
  • Private international law and conflict-of-laws issues
  • International labour law and secondment issues
  • International tax law and tax offences
  • Choice of law and agreements on jurisdiction
  • European order for payment and enforcement proceedings
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Germany and the EU
  • Establishment of companies in the EU
  • Europe-wide trade mark applications and protection proceedings

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